Logging from Custom Apps

Alliance Auth provides a logger for use with custom apps to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Using the Extensions Logger

AllianceAuth provides a helper function to get the logger for the current module to reduce the amount of code you need to write.

from allianceauth.services.hooks import get_extension_logger

logger = get_extension_logger(__name__)

This works by creating a child logger of the extension logger which propagates all log entries to the parent (extensions) logger.

Changing the Logging Level

By default, the extension logger’s level is set to DEBUG. To change this, uncomment (or add) the following line in local.py.

LOGGING['handlers']['extension_file']['level'] = 'INFO'

(Remember to restart your supervisor workers after changes to local.py)

This will change the logger’s level to the level you define.

Options are: (all options accept entries of levels listed below them)


  • INFO