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"""Custom exceptions for the Discord Client package."""

import math

[docs]class DiscordClientException(Exception): """Base Exception for the Discord client."""
[docs]class DiscordApiBackoff(DiscordClientException): """Exception signaling we need to backoff from sending requests to the API for now. Args: retry_after: time to retry after in milliseconds """
[docs] def __init__(self, retry_after: int): super().__init__() self.retry_after = int(retry_after)
@property def retry_after_seconds(self): """Time to retry after in seconds.""" return math.ceil(self.retry_after / 1000)
[docs]class DiscordRateLimitExhausted(DiscordApiBackoff): """Exception signaling that the total number of requests allowed under the current rate limit have been exhausted and weed to wait until next reset. """
[docs]class DiscordTooManyRequestsError(DiscordApiBackoff): """API has responded with a 429 Too Many Requests Error. Need to backoff for now. """