Group Management

In order to access group management, users need to be either a superuser, granted the auth | user | group_management ( Access to add members to groups within the alliance ) permission or a group leader (discussed later).

Group Requests

When a user joins or leaves a group which is not marked as “Open”, their group request will have to be approved manually by a user with the group_management permission or by a group leader of the group they are requesting.

Group Membership

The group membership tab gives an overview of all of the non-internal groups.

Group overview

Group Member Management

Clicking on the blue eye will take you to the group member management screen. Here you can see a list of people who are in the group, and remove members where necessary.

Group overview

Group Audit Log

Whenever a user Joins, Leaves, or is Removed from a group, this is logged. To find the audit log for a given group, click the light-blue button to the right of the Group Member Management (blue eye) button.

These logs contain the Date and Time the action was taken (in EVE/UTC), the user which submitted the request being acted upon (requestor), the user’s main character, the type of request (join, leave or removed), the action taken (accept, reject or remove), and the user that took the action (actor).

Audit Log Example

Group Leaders

Group leaders have the same abilities as users with the group_management permission, however, they will only be able to:

  • Approve requests for groups they are a leader of.

  • View the Group Membership and Group Members of groups they are leaders of.

This allows you to more finely control who has access to manage which groups.


Group Management should be mostly done using group leaders, a series of permissions are included below for thoroughness.


Admin Site

Auth Site



Can Approve and Deny all Group Requests, Can view and manage all group memberships



Can Request Non-Public Groups


Can Add Models



Can Edit Models



Can Delete Models



Can View Models